As Nevada is recovering from the pandemic economy, we are now facing a cost-of-
living crisis. The result is a severe shortage of affordable housing and high fuel and
grocery costs. Politicians like to say we’ve rebounded from the COVID recession, but
too many of us still feel the crunch. Stacy will fight for a local economy that
works for all of us.

As we move onward and upward, we need to focus on diversifying our economy.
We must strengthen our education system to help prep young people for the
 jobs of today and tomorrow.

Nevada’s small businesses are the backbone of our economy. Stacy knows we must
support our local small businesses and she will support policies that remove
obstacles that help budding entrepreneurs obtain funding to start businesses in our

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We must make sure hard-working Nevadans have every opportunity to succeed as
our State recovers from the Covid recession.

Nevada was hit extremely hard by the pandemic. Too many of us lost jobs, lost our
small businesses, or had drastically reduced revenue, profit and/or income. Moving
forward, we must work to adapt to our changing economy. Stacy will work with the
business community and educators to create top-level job training programs so our
high school and college graduates enter the workforce prepared for in-demand


Stacy Butler is a former teacher who taught high school math in Del Rio, a Texas
border town. Many of the students crossed the Mexico/US border each day from
Ciudad Acuña to receive a better education in an American school. She knows from
experience the challenges that students, parents, and teachers face.

Recently, Stacy met a 4th grader in her district that couldn’t even write her own
name. This is unacceptable. We must give our kids the best possible education
whether they are in attend public, charter, or private schools. Education is
economic development.

CCSD needs to be broken up into smaller districts. We are the 5 th largest district
in the nation, and we continually spend billions of dollars while the district
produces poor results year after year. The time for action is now. Our children can’t
wait any longer.

A struggling district hurts employee morale too. We’ve seen teacher vacancies grow
and grow and it seems like the dysfunctional school board and school district
leadership are doing nothing. Stacy will fight to break up the district, attract
and retain teachers, and work to improve the educational outcomes of our


I support our police. I will work with law enforcement to ensure they have the
necessary tools to keep our streets safe.

Stacy believes we must treat addiction and mental health through increased
recovery resources. We can free up our police officer’s time to fight crime by
reallocating resources to treat our vulnerable residents who suffer from mental
health issues.

We must also fight human trafficking by targeting the criminals who prey on
vulnerable men and women. The victims of trafficking need our support. Let’s
penalize the criminals, not the victims.

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Taxes and spending are out of control in many states and cities in our country.
Most of Nevada’s new residents have relocated here because we are a low tax
state. But in the last four years, we have seen taxes and fees increase.

Stacy will restore fiscal accountability and oversight of our tax dollars. This means
eliminating wasteful spending and trimming bloated budgets. As a fiscal
conservative with common sense, she will fight the special interests and
bureaucrats who want to increase taxes to fund their pet projects.


Stacy will support programs to increase health care access and quality for all
through virtual care, such as telehealth, and adapting to the latest innovations in
health information technology. She also supports changes to our Medicaid that will
lead to better quality healthcare in our community.


As a disabled veteran, Stacy spends time at several of the VA healthcare facilities here in southern Nevada. She
always seems to find herself listening to the stories from other vets of their experiences and current-day
struggles. They don’t complain but instead relay the stories as challenges to
overcome and victories to be had.

She is inspired by their humility, touched by their bravery and
concerned for their circumstances. From her 90-year-old Korean War veteran Dad, to her Vietnam
veteran cousins, and fellow Gulf War and Afghanistan vets, Stacy knows the struggles, the stories, and the
resilience of these men and women.

She will always fight for and stand with those who have taken an oath
to defend this nation. They will have no greater ally than one of their own in the assembly.

"I love my brothers and sisters in arms and will always have their six!" - Stacy Butler

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